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Organic Facts

Organic farming studies have shown a greater biodiversity of birds, plants and a more favorable habitat for crops than farms using conventional methods. By eliminating pesticides and using traditional solutions to pest control and weed management, a friendlier ecosystem for the crop being grown can be created.

About Us

Located nearby to Canada’s largest port city, Vancouver, Great Pacific BioProducts Limited’s flagship product is Pacific Natural ® Fresh Fish Fertilizer, an OMRI and WDSA certified organic product. The company also produces a health supplement ingredient derived from Pacific dogfish shark cartilage.

Great Pacific BioProducts takes millions of pounds of fresh fish byproducts that could have gone to landfill as waste and, using an advanced hydrolysis process, turns it into high quality fresh processed organic fish-based soil and plant food. The environmental benefits to the soil as well as the improved health of plants, animals and humans are measurable and significant.

Our beliefs in the long-term benefits of organic and more natural farming using certified organic fertilizer remain as steadfast as our commitment to promoting and living by sustainable agricultural practices. Great Pacific BioProducts is proud to be a part of the organic industry and belongs to several organizations in North America that advocate organic farming and standards, as well as local municipal associations that benefit our community.

Great Pacific holds organic certifications for its Pacific Natural liquid fish fertilizer with OMRI and WDSA’s organic materials lists as an accepted product for use in certified organic crop production. The company also has fertilizer registrations for Pacific Natural in all of the U.S. States it does business in. Great Pacific has just completed and implemented a HACCP quality and product safety system and received accreditation as an approved supplier to Earthbound Farms.

Through an affiliation with its fresh fish byproduct suppliers, a project was struck to enter to BC dofish shark fishery into sustainable certificate through the globally recognized Marine Stewardship Council of the U.K. After 4 years of effort and large investments, the BC stakeholders have been rewarded by being certified in September, 2011. This certification will enable the company to provide both a fertilizer and a shark cartilage product that are certified as coming from a sustainable seafood resource.




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