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Organic Facts

The Journal of Applied Nutrition has found that organically grown vegetables and fruits contain higher nutritional content than similar food treated with chemicals. The study also found that organically farmed meat was leaner and contained five times the amount of beneficial omega-3s.

Crop Sectors

Markets and Customers - Our customers range in size from large agri-business commercial growers to smaller organic farmers in many sectors including:


Grapes - Did you know that among all fruits, grapes conventionally grown retain among the most residue of pesticides and chemicals no matter how much they are washed?
Berries - The benefits of organically grown berries are being noticed more and more by consumers as well as growers.
Nut & Fruit Trees - Organic nuts contain a higher concentration of minerals and nutrients, and are recommended by doctors...
Forage & Cash Crops - Farmers that are growing forage crops that are consumed by livestock need to make sure that their food is 100% organic...
Vegetable Crops - Great Pacific is being used on vegetable farming endeavors across numerous crops.
Hops - There is a growing rise in popularity for organic beer and wine as well as herbal remedies.
Landscaping, Horticulture & Turf - Organic fertilizer produces richer lawns and gardens.




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