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Organic Facts

Organic farming studies have shown a greater biodiversity of birds, plants and a more favorable habitat for crops than farms using conventional methods. By eliminating pesticides and using traditional solutions to pest control and weed management, a friendlier ecosystem for the crop being grown can be created.

Crop Sectors

Markets and Customers - Our customers range in size from large agri-business commercial growers to smaller organic farmers in many sectors including:


Grapes - Did you know that among all fruits, grapes conventionally grown retain among the most residue of pesticides and chemicals no matter how much they are washed?
Berries - The benefits of organically grown berries are being noticed more and more by consumers as well as growers.
Nut & Fruit Trees - Organic nuts contain a higher concentration of minerals and nutrients, and are recommended by doctors...
Forage & Cash Crops - Farmers that are growing forage crops that are consumed by livestock need to make sure that their food is 100% organic...
Vegetable Crops - Great Pacific is being used on vegetable farming endeavors across numerous crops.
Hops - There is a growing rise in popularity for organic beer and wine as well as herbal remedies.
Landscaping, Horticulture & Turf - Organic fertilizer produces richer lawns and gardens.




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