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Organic Facts

Until the rise of chemical usage in the 1940s, all farms could have been considered organic farms. Harsher chemical pollutants have been found to produce cancers and allergies in humans. No one is certain what the long-term effects are of consuming trace amounts of such pollutants will be.

Helpful Organic Industry Terms

Certified Organic - There is a difference between a product that is called "organic” and one that is "certified organic”, with the latter product having been examined and passed the judging criteria of an organic regulatory body. For example, if you purchase certified organic produce then it has not been treated with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Great Pacific BioProducts’ Pacific Natural ® Fresh Fish Fertilizer has been certified organic by two major regulatory bodies and is used to produce certified organic crops.

Fish emulsion - A liquid fertilizer made from the remains of fish after its been processed for fish oil and fish meal. Sold as a concentrate and diluted with water. Used in conventional and organic agriculture (providing it is Certified Organic). 

Liquid fish hydrolysate - uses whole fish or fish byproducts. Not all hydrolysates are 'created equal'. Some use single species, some use many species. Some use fresh fish, others use any fish waste that can be found, in varying states of decomposition (and odor and quality). Some use heat, some don't. Some may utilize an enzyme to speed up the breakdown of protein solids. Some hydrolysates only use the enzymes present in the fish material - this process takes longer. All hydrolysates use acid to lower the pH to a level intended to stop biological activity in the material and provide shelf life. Hydrolysates are generally used as soil and plant fertilizers.

Fish meal - A powder created from whole fish or fish byproducts that is the result of removing liquid from fish solids using high heat and drying. Generally most of the natural oil in the fish is removed and the high heat denatures or destroys the original beneficial vitamins and other important constituents. Fish meal is typically sold as a livestock feed ingredient, to farmed fish and to a limited degree as a soil supplement.

OMRI - Organic Materials Review Institute is a non-profit organization that specializes in reviewing substances and inputs for use in organic production, handling and processing practices. All reviews are conducted in a transparent manner and by a panel of independent reviewers. Great Pacific BioProduct’s Pacific Natural ® Fresh Fish Fertilizer is OMRI certified.

WSDA - The Washington State Department of Agriculture oversees the quality of the organic food industry in the state, establishing standards and investigating complaints. Pacific Natural ® Fresh Fish Fertilizer is WSDA certified.





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