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Organic Facts

Until the rise of chemical usage in the 1940s, all farms could have been considered organic farms. Harsher chemical pollutants have been found to produce cancers and allergies in humans. No one is certain what the long-term effects are of consuming trace amounts of such pollutants will be.

Our Philosophy

Great Pacific BioProducts passionately believes in the benefits of organic farming and sustainable practices. We live by our beliefs and are committed to educating growers of food products, the consumer and the public about the tangible results that come with using certified organic products, of which our Pacific Natural ® Fresh Fish Fertilizer is one.

Certified organic fertilizers like Pacific Natural ® are superior to traditional fertilizers in numerous ways. In addition to being a necessary requirement by farmers wishing to grow organic certified crops, studies have shown that soil that has been treated with organic fish fertilizer produces crops that may contain a more balanced a complete nutritional profile, a higher Brix/sugar content, better plant and soil disease resistance and have improved yield. There is also far less environmental impact on the soil and surrounding environment compared to land and crops treated with synthetic fertilizers and chemical pest and fungal poisons. There is also an environmental gain of using a renewable seafood product, which is certified organic, by providing vital nutrients to the soil. We are proud to have created a product that largely comes for sustainable resources and provides major benefits to the organic food production industry as well as the landscaping and horticulture sectors.

Great Pacific BioProducts believes that as the popularity in choosing organics increases there will be greater demand for better education, regulation and product selection for consumers. Our website is intended to not just provide information on Pacific Natural ® and our shark cartilage product but to explain why choosing a certified organic program for your crops and/or greenspace is a superior path to travel down. We hope that you will be a companion with us on our journey toward making a better, healthier planet and improving our quality of food and living choices.



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